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CBN begins worldwide testing of CBN Global

( Updated: 2016-02-24 16:50

China Business Network (CBN), China's leading financial media group, has begun worldwide tests on a new English-language news service with the international call sign CBN Global.

During the testing period, CBN Global is supplying 20 to 30 financial and technology news stories daily to financial news provider Bloomberg and software supplier Cheetah Mobile. News items cover science and technology innovations, macroeconomic concerns and financial markets. From 2100 HKT on Feb 22, subscribers to Bloomberg Professional have had access to this value-added service, and from 2400 HKT on the same day, some of the hundreds of millions of Cheetah Mobile's worldwide users began to receive push notifications from this service.

Shanghai-based China Business Network is China's largest financial content and professional service provider. Its flagship products include CBN Digital Media (mobile applications, websites, and subscription-based social media platforms), CBN Television, CBN Daily Newspaper, CBN Weekly, CBN News Agency, CBNData and CBN Research Institute. The group delivers more than 900 items of text, videos, data and analysis to Chinese investors every day. Capitalizing on these quality products, CBN Global will truly open up the international market for Chinese financial news.

In the middle of March, CBN will officially launch CBN Global and from this time, hundreds of English speakers around the world, from India to the United States, from Europe to Australia, will be able to receive daily first-hand English-language financial information about China: from its macro economy to its capital markets, from its financial reforms to the latest science and technology innovations. Starting with written news items, CBN Global's products will gradually be extended to include videos and data. Mr. Zhou Xin has been appointed chief editor of CBN Global.

CBN CEO Mr Zhou Jiangong said, "CBN Global marks an important step in CBN's internationalization. CBN Global is not a news agency, a website nor an app; rather it is an English-language content stream of Chinese financial news. It will be thoroughly integrated into the major global markets, different financial groups and various trading products in a variety of ways, pushing the most important financial news in China to global investors, thus effectively connecting the Chinese markets to international investors."

As China became the world's second-largest economy, CBN increasingly internationalized. It is one of only two dedicated Chinese information feeds connected to Bloomberg terminals. It is also one of the most-cited sources of Chinese financial information by the international financial media. CBN has 30 journalists working in the world's major financial centers and technology hubs. It has also deployed studios or live broadcast centers in the world's major stock markets. CBN Television is already operating in Hong Kong and Singapore.

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