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Silk Road Fund to revitalize China's mining industry

By Lyu Chang ( Updated: 2015-10-22 16:17

Despite its current downfall from a capital strike with low funding, the mining industry will become an important area as the Silk Road Fund will put its focus on and give financial support.

During a forum in Tianjin titled China Mining 2015, Si Xinbo, executive vice president of the Silk Road Fund Co Ltd, said the Silk Road Fund can participate to the cooperation in mining industry, providing support in the most effective and efficient way.

"Mining industry is now facing huge downward pressure but the situation also gives mining companies great opportunities for consolidation and acquisition,"said Si, adding that the Silk Road Fund helps realize that through its insistence on market-oriented operation and focuses on mid and long-term investment.

The senior executive said mining is a typical capital-intensive industry that needs large amounts of investment in each aspect of its cycle. From exploration, mining to production and processing, the Silk Road Fund can provide necessary financial support to mining companies helping them develop assets and make overseas acquisitions.

The $40-billion Silk Road Fund, set up in December 2014, supports a wide range of areas including infrastructure construction, which improves connectivity across the regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, oil and gas industry, new energy as well as the mining and metal industries.


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