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Top 9 popular goods Alibaba's buyers purchase overseas

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As the annual online shopping festival "Double 11", an equivalent of "Cyber Monday", lowered the curtain, Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant impressed the world with a legendary one-day sales figure - 57.1 billion yuan ($9.34 billion) on Nov 11,2014, generated by its, and its overseas outlets combined.

"Globalization" is one of Alibaba's main strategies for this year's Double 11 online shopping festival and was the group's first shopping event that covered shoppers on a global scale.

By expanding globally with the participation of AliExpress and Tmall Global, customers from 217 countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland joined the shopping spree, with China's Hong Kong region, the United States and Russia claiming the top three overseas buyer areas.

Chinese shoppers have also been purchasing goods overseas with good value and quality. As females were the main force in the shopping spree, skin-care products and maternal and children's articles were on the list of the most popular goods for Chinese buyers who shopped overseas via online services.

Smart phones

Tmall sold 1,894,867 mobile phones on Double 11 and became the online platform that sold the most handsets in 24 hours.

Top 9 popular goods Alibaba's buyers purchase overseas

A customer configures the fingerprint scanner technology built into iPhone 5S at an Apple store in Beijing, Sept 20, 2013. [Photo/IC]

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