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China's 8 most outstanding entrepreneurs

Updated: 2014-01-29 15:16 (

Who are the most outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs in the world? Kelly Brown, head of the University of Sydney's China Study Center, and Kalley Tzu-hui Wu of Kyochimyogo Consultancy provide us the answer.

They have come out with a list of eight most outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs, says a Xinhua report, citing BBC website.

China's 8 most outstanding entrepreneurs

Liu Chuanzhi, founder of PC maker Lenovo, stands in his office in Beijing on Nov 12, 2013.

Liu Chuanzhi is a benchmark figure among the first generation entrepreneurs of China. He founded Lenovo as a small computer sales company in a shack near the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing in 1984.

After 30 years of development, the group has now become the world's second-largest PC maker and a multinational technology company that develops desktop and notebook computers, workstations, servers, storage devices, IT management software, and other related products and services.

Chuanzhi said: "Although I started my business at 40, I still think I was born at the right time." [Photo / Xinhua]

China's 8 most outstanding entrepreneurs
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China's 8 most outstanding entrepreneurs
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