Talk with Top UN official [2009-08-04 09:55]
China has made 'unprecedented' progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
Protecting heritage: a big challenge [2009-07-29 09:53]
China, Egypt explore co-op on heritage preservation.
马晓天副总参谋长接受采访 [2009-07-25 18:23]
Slovenia: an attractive tourist destination [2009-07-24 17:20]
Despite being small, Slovenia has very "diverse areas".
Brotherhood Reunited [2009-07-21 15:15]
The Albanian Ambassador to China relished the close relationship between China and Albania.
专访王运海少将 [2009-07-17 15:59]
Violence should not be tolerated [2009-07-16 14:16]
The Pakistani Ambassador to China condemned the recent riots in Xinjiang.
60th anniversary an occasion for world celebration [2009-07-16 14:16]
Pakistani Ambassador to China said China’s growth has benefited both the developing and the developed countries.
Relations with China should take primacy [2009-07-16 14:15]
Pakistani Ambassador to China said Pakistan is not on the "US orbit".
Young Locke wanted to be a forest ranger [2009-07-16 10:55]
US Commerce Secretary shared personal details with China Daily.

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