China Daily Video News November 27, 2009 [2009-11-27 13:24]
Venezuelans would rather get into debt for a face-lift.
Man goes on killing rampage [2009-11-27 09:32]
The attacker was shot dead after he slashed passers-by in Harbin.
The myth of A/H1N1 vaccine [2009-11-26 10:19]
China Daily reporter shares her experiences of a visit to the A/H1N1 vaccine factory.
Baby formula scandal [2009-11-25 09:08]
China Daily reporters Zhu Zhe and Cui Xiaohuo have some stories about the baby formula scandal.
Why mines collapsed? [2009-11-24 11:50]
China Daily reporter has some suggestions about reducing the likelihood of mine disasters.
China Daily Video News November 20, 2009 [2009-11-20 17:01]
Panda cub in San Diego Zoo got a Chinese name "Yun Zi".
Behind the Scenes - Me & Obama [2009-11-19 18:18]
China Daily reporter Lin Shujuan was in the Forbidden City, together with President Obama - even only for one minute!
Behind the Scenes - Me & Obama [2009-11-17 17:58]
China Daily reporter Hu Yinan has some inside stories to tell when he was in Shanghai, covering President Obama's first visit to the middle kingdom.
Hu, Obama meet press [2009-11-17 17:54]
Hu said that his talks with President Barack Obama were candid, constructive and fruitful.
Hu, Obama meet press [2009-11-17 17:12]
Two leaders were to brief Chinese and overseas reporters about their talks.

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