Chinadaily exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton I [2009-02-22 20:46]
The Clintons used compact fluorescent bulbs, installed more insulated windows, and recycled so as not to add to landfill waste than absolutely necessary.
Questions from local Chinese for Hillary Clinton [2009-02-20 19:00]
"What's the plan of cooperation for Obama administration with China on climate change?" Asked a local Chinese.
Senegal ambassador talks about Sino-African ties [2009-02-13 14:26]
China Daily invites the Papa Khalilou Fall, Ambassador of Senegal to China to discuss the status quo and future of Sino-African relations.
Interview with Chairman of US Chamber of Commerce [2008-11-07 13:51]
Interview with Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce, China
Interview with official of US Embassy in China [2008-11-07 13:49]
Interview with official US Embassy in China.
Interview with Joey Bristol of US embassy [2008-11-06 14:51]
Interview with Greg May of US embassy [2008-11-06 14:38]
Interview with First Eastern Investment Group CEO [2008-09-28 17:12] interviewed CEO and Chairman of First Eastern Investment Group, Hong Kong, member of the foundation board of the World Economic Forum during the annual meeting of the New Champions 2008 September 28, 2008.
Talk with Orix CEO Miyauchi [2008-09-27 16:24]
The annual meeting of the New Champions, the World Economic Forum starts its first day discussion in Tianjin September 27. China Daily interviewed Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Chairman and CEO of Orix Corporation, Japan.
Interview with captain of the Wheel Blacks [2008-09-10 10:52]
Interview with captain of the Wheel Blacks

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