Pragmatic US-China relation tone set [2009-06-12 08:00]
The first US think-tank to combine US and Chinese perspectives is interviewed by China Daily.
Panda Artist [2009-06-11 17:12]
Chinese artist Zhao Bandi talks about his “love affair” with a panda and his next big object.
US will not seek cap on emissions [2009-06-11 08:55]
US climate change envoy Todd Stern tells China Daily.
China, US 'crucial for climate pact' [2009-06-09 13:18]
Sweden wants climate deal to be inked during its EU presidency.
Diversification drives up 3M in China [2009-06-08 15:41]
The company makes over 69,000 products, primarily 45 technologies.
Safe to go to Mexico [2009-06-04 14:43]
It's a great experience to visit Mexico, the country's ambassador to China said.
Coca-Cola 'Delicious happiness' expands [2009-06-04 13:28]
Vice president of Coca-Cola greater China talks about the company's future.
US committed to less deficit [2009-06-03 15:29]

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in an interview with China Daily.

China not a threat: Australia [2009-05-27 11:35]
Australia does not see China as an emerging military threat.
Mutual respect is guiding principle [2009-05-22 11:45]
The 11th China-EU summit is "a stepping stone" in fostering a stronger relationship.

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