Protecting heritage:a big challenge
Updated: 2009-07-29 09:53

Egypt and China are learning from each other about how to balance economic development with the preservation of traditional culture and heritage, as well as environmental protection, Egyptian Ambassador to China Mahmoud Allam told China Daily website in an exclusive interview July 23, 2009.

Both Egypt and China are well aware of the importance to achieving that balance, said Mr Allam. "Heritage presents the identity of the country and itself is an industry. It's a social income that we should take care of. "

Protecting a country's culture and heritage is an especially difficult – but important – challenge for developing countries, the ambassador said. China and Egypt are exploring potential areas of cooperation on issues like renewable and clean energy to reduce pollution that can damage important cultural or traditional sites, he added.

"Many heritage sites are old. They need better environment so they don't get affected by pollution," Allam added.

Video: Ren Cong, Cong Fangjun | Story: Xie Jingwei | Editor: Cong Fangjun