Host family after the Olympics [2009-08-03 10:02]
People from across the world are given the opportunity to experience Chinese folk lifestyle.
World Outgames 2009 [2009-07-31 15:37]
Participants from 97 countries paraded down a 50-metre catwalk.
"The Chinese" in Photographs [2009-07-31 11:35]
The photograph exhitition covers people from different backgrounds in China.
Roller babies hot on web! [2009-07-28 15:42]
The baby-starred video clip has become a YouTube sensation.
Beijing City Bus Tour [2009-07-24 17:53]
Viewing the essence of Beijing in the shortest time.
A congress for Santa! [2009-07-22 17:18]
Over 150 Santas showed up for the congress in Denmark.
Fashion Week -Swim in Miami [2009-07-20 13:55]
From July 15-19, the annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim took place in Miami Beach, Florida.
DONG: Mix & Match [2009-07-14 17:19]
Will youth in China feel the same sort of admiration for Mao as their parents or even grandparents?
"We had a bond!" [2009-07-08 15:31]
Shields gave an emotional speech remembering about the many times she and Michael shared.
Kunqu Opera:The Peony Pavilion [2009-07-02 16:38]
The Peony Pavilion is a romantic masterpiece in the Chinese opera history.

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