Hey! It's  cuppa time! [2008-08-21 09:57]
Laoshe Teahouse has been one of the places that you can have a taste of traditional Chinese tea culture as well as folk arts in Beijing.
Silk Street satisfies shoppers [2008-08-18 14:15]
Xiushuijie, or the silk street market, has been one of the places that you must go when you are visiting Beijing.
Beijing's Champs d'Elysee [2008-08-12 13:45]
Beijing's Qianmen Street reopens to the public during the Olympic Games.
Wearing Lucky Clouds [2008-08-01 09:39]

While the Olympic Games are about sports, it is also an opportunity for the host country to present its culture to the world.And one of the ways to demonstrate this is through clothing members of the host country will wear.

Hao Xiaoshi the artist [2008-07-21 11:42]
Mr. Hao specialized in Jiaomo paintings which means to use ink without adding water to it. It requires a lot of work from the wrist, and the stroke from the brush gives a natural touch to the paintings.
A Shadow Puppet family [2008-07-11 15:14]

The art of Chinese Shadow Play originated in the Han dynasty more than 2000 years ago. This ancient performance had its beginnings in the palace of Emperor Wu and then made its way to the rural farming villages across China.

Hairy Monkey [2008-07-09 17:37]
Hairy monkey as a particular folk artwork of old Beijing, combines the briskness of monkey and the creation of the artist perfectly.
Chinese farmers' art works on display [2008-07-04 17:04]
The Beijing Olympics isn't just about sports. It's also a celebration of the human spirit. And one of the major activities of the Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival is the Chinese Farmer Art Show which opened on July 2.
Dough Figurine Lang [2008-06-06 16:19]

Dough Figurines are Chinese traditional art form and is commonly known as sticky rice flour toys.It is made from flour used for cooking and baking, and the art form is popular. Local Beijingers like to make the Figurines a lot, and they often use them to decorate the home and for kids to play with.

A taste of Tibetan culture [2008-06-05 17:38]
There are about 10 Tibetan restaurants in Beijing. With the Olympics not far away, many of these places aren't just using recipes to get diners in – they present not only Tibetan meals but Tibetan culture as well.