The school for the aged [2008-01-24 16:48]
Being old does not necessarily mean being lonely. The Aged School gives senior citizens the opportunity to get a sense of self-fulfillment, to build a new social network, and most of all, to feel young again.
Laba Porridge brings you good luck [2008-01-18 15:22]
Because of the Laba porridge, people gather together in cold winters while feeling warm inside. The character ‘Yong’ in Chinese means magnificent and “He” means harmony. Porridge drinking in Yonghegong embodies the harmonious culture.
Canadian kids, Chinese challenge [2008-01-10 16:43]
For the last 30 years since China has opened its door, more and more foreigners have chosen to live in the middle kingdom. Some come here to study, others to work. Now many families are facing a problem: what should they do with their children?
Arts in Nanluoguxiang [2008-01-03 17:21]

Not far from the touristy spot of Hou Hai is a Nanluoguxiang.It’s a narrow street lined with old hutongs converted into bars, shops and cafes.And in the last two years it has developed into a trendy area.

KTV in China [2007-12-28 16:04]
Karaoke came to the Chinese mainland in the 1990s and got the new name of KTV, where the participants can watch the music video, dance, or just talk to each other in enclosed rooms.

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