My Lantern, my festival [2009-02-10 09:52]
About fifty kids enjoyed a workshop about how to make lanterns in the Capital Museum on Friday afternoon.
Beijing celebrates the Lantern Festival [2009-02-09 22:02]
The Lantern Festival traditionally marks the end of the Spring Festival. Here in the northwest of Beijing, villagers from the area are celebrating with centuries-old folk Chinese performances.
Sweet wrap-up of the Chinese New Year [2009-02-09 19:01]
Traditional Chinese families are on the run to buy Yuanxiao, the exquisite dumpling for the Lantern Festival which falls on February 9th this year.
Where our ancestors lived [2009-02-06 16:50]
To learn about how our ancestors lived, people in Beijing have a must-go place.
Happy "Niu" Year [2009-01-24 10:06]
We wish you a very happy New Year!
Journey to the jiaozi: A hearty, healthy Spring Festival [2009-01-09 11:06]
Jiaozi, or dumplings, are one of the quintessential foods eaten during Spring Festival.
People eat 'lucky' Laba porridge [2009-01-04 16:00]
Eating porridge on Laba is believed to bring good fortune in the New Year.
Byebye, 2008! [2008-12-31 11:55]
What's the best word for you to sum up 2008? And what are your wishes for the year ahead?
Festive season in Beijing [2008-12-20 08:58]
Here we show you what Beijing has to offer during the upcoming Christmas.
Memories found again [2008-12-18 13:50]
I was born in the mid-80s, and I live in a time filled up with innovation, and desire.

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