Vegetables can be ART [2008-12-10 17:26]
Feijiacun Artists Village [2008-11-27 16:27]
Burning Picture [2008-11-19 14:03]
It looks like traditional Chinese painting, and could have an effect quite similar to ink brushes. It’s quite difficult to simulate the ink brush style with iron however.
3 decades on - a look into China's recent rise [2008-11-07 19:12]
"Our thirty years", a photo exhibition showcasing the transformation of China in the last three decades, opened to the public.
The Cultural Year of Greece in China [2008-10-07 16:43]
Yang Yingying and Her Chinese Paintings [2008-09-26 12:07]

Yang's work has the rich flavor of traditional Chinese painting, also the deep meaning of folk culture. She hopes to share her life experience and express her well wishes through her work.

China's Globe Theater [2008-09-17 14:28]
Amid the hustle and bustle of downtown southern Beijing sits a hide away oasis Huguang Huiguan.
Happy Moon Festival [2008-09-12 18:50]
Champions of Change [2008-08-22 17:22]
Gongwang Mansion, a peep into Chinese royal culture [2008-08-22 09:20]