Moerdaoga National Forest Park, a pure white wonderland

By Bi Nan ( ) Updated: 2014-01-03 15:15:50

Moerdaoga National Forest Park, a pure white wonderland

Moerdaoga National Forest Park is a sheer white wonder world. [Photo by Bi Nan/] 

Moerdaoga, though a small town in Erguna city, in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is well-known for its national forest park, which happens to be the largest forest park in China.

Located in the Greater Khingan Range, the country's largest virgin forest, Moerdaoga National Forest Park is one of the best places to see larch trees and white birches.

The park features mountains, virgin forests, rivers, islands, folk villages, and has plenty of natural wonders to enjoy, making it an ideal resort during all four seasons.

Moerdaoga means "to go to battle on horseback" in the Mongolian language. Genghis Khan, the father of the Mongolian people, was once on a hunting expedition and was inspired by the spectacular sight of the dawn. When the sun rose above the mountain where he was at he reportedly shouted to his tribe: "Moerdaoga!" which means to set out for battle on a horse.

There is much more to see other than the forests. Erguna, where Moerdaoga sits, contains a wetland park with an undisturbed national eco-system and the only Russian ethnic township in China where visitors can experience Russian cultures.

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