Question & Answers with Jacques Rogge

Updated: 2011-09-23 07:50

(China Daily)

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What kind legacy do you want to leave for the Olympic movement?

It's still too soon to think about the legacy because I still have two years to run. But I think that people would hopefully say that the Games are very well organized, because there has always been a good collaboration of the organizing committee with the IOC. So we've had very good Games. We've created the Youth Olympic Games. I say 'we' because it's not a one-man show. The IOC is pushing very hard against doping and illegal betting. We've been able to secure a good financial base that is really distributed to the developing countries and the grassroots sports. We've been also able to support very much the developing countries in sport.

Do you have time to participate in sports?

When I'm in Lausanne (Switzerland) and in many hotels in many countries, I can do some fitness in the fitness room of the hotel.

Then, I would run or I would be on the bicycle. But this is not always possible. Sometimes there is nothing to do and I have too many activities. But I try to insist to it. In Beijing of course I have no time to go to the fitness room, too busy.

What's your plan for after retirement?

I have more plans than probably I may have time. First of all, I will continue on a regular basis to attend major competitions, but I will have this without having any responsibility. I will be able to practice sports, which unfortunately is difficult for me now because of my tough schedule. I have a big piles of books to read. I'm very interested in modern art and I will go to galleries and museums. Don't worry. I have plenty of things to do.

Which sport do you want to pick up then?

I would like to start sailing. I was a rugby player, but for that I'm far too old.

According to a Forbes report, you are the 67th most powerful man in the world. Do you enjoy that position?

I'm not powerful. I have no power. I may have some influence, yes, but I have no power. The IOC is a democratic organization. It's not autocratic. But yes, if they put me on the list, it's OK. So what. Sport is powerful. I'm serving sport. I'm not representing sport.

If you have the chance to write an autobiography after your retirement, what kind of title do you want to give to the book?

I have taken notes on everything I have done, what I saw and I participated since I was elected. These are the notes that will display in the Olympic museum for 30 years because it will be embargoed for 30 years. There will be no title. It will tell what the IOC was doing, was experiencing. It's more my memories than a biography.

How many countries do you travel to each year?

I travel around 150 days a year. The rest would be in our headquarters in Lausanne. I think that I visit around 60 countries every year. If you find I'm dynamic, thank you for that. There are times that I feel tired, but not today.

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