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Should campus be open to tourists?

( Updated: 2016-04-22 09:43

Editor's note: Some Chinese universities are considering a limit on the surging number of visitors to their campuses amid concerns that the tourists might disrupt the running of the university. Should visitors be banned or restricted from entering the campuses?

Catherine (US)

Many of the well-known colleges around the world have places of historical significance or cultural value, for instance, Cambridge or Harvard. They have become tourist attractions that bring more people to campus, which makes campus look busier to people are visiting for admissions and increases awareness of the school. So, by all means, university campuses should be open to both prospective students and the regular public.

Should campus be open to tourists?

A crowd of tourists wait in front of the west gate of Tsinghua University to visit the campus in Beijing, China, July 21, 2015.[Photo/IC]

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