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Parades in China and Russia are ways to preserve order and justice

By Vassily Kashin ( Updated: 2015-09-07 16:39

China has hundreds of billions of dollars of direct investment all over the world and hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals work abroad, often in unstable environments. China is highly dependent on imports of hydrocarbons and other raw materials and in the future will have to import a significant percentage of food as well.

That means China now has vital interests in various parts of the world and those interests need protection. Consequently, Chinese troops' missions will evolve according to China's changing global role.

Technological conditions for this evolution have largely been reached already as witnessed by last week's parade, although some of the most modern types of PLA equipment known to be in mass production have not been shown.

China is capable of producing 4++ generation fighters, MIRVed ICBMs, amphibious transport docks, large destroyers equipped with AEGIS-like multifunction weapon systems and many other exciting things.

However, politics and doctrines have been lagging behind the huge advancements made by the Chinese economy and defense technology. Now we see the start of gradual correction of this imbalance.

Naturally the world is divided over the changing global role of China and the parade highlighted that. There are a large group of countries, including Russia, who actively support the rise of China because that provides huge political and economic opportunities. But some may be reluctant to accept it. Notwithstanding, we should endeavor to keep confrontation under control and make the world a peaceful one.

Vassily Kashin is an analyst with the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow.

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