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Do we need to shower daily?

( Updated: 2015-07-17 07:33

Editor's Note: A daily shower is a deeply ingrained habit of many people around the world, but according to a recent survey, Chinese on average have one every other day, ranking the bottom of the list. Share your views about the practice on our website or at

Michael (US)

Daily shower in a private bathroom is a luxury, not something to be taken for granted in many areas of the world. I am an American and now studying in a Chinese college. I found that not all of my classmates have a daily shower. Some of them even take a shower per week. I would expect to at least notice a faint odor from the students, but I don’t. Maybe Westerners just stink more than Asians.

Do we need to shower daily?

A Pakistani boy stands under an open water line in Islamabad, Pakistan, May 7, 2014. [Photo/IC]

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