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Hype over top exam scorers not healthy

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-07-03 09:08

Hype over top exam scorers not healthy

The top scorer in 2015 national college entrance exam in Chongqing. [Photo/IC]

Every year when the national college entrance exams finish, the top scorers always become one of the hottest topic of the summer, with sweeping media hype publicizing the success of these top scorers. Comments:

Excessive attention to the success of the top scorers in the national college entrance exam has long been criticized, yet still it exists. Together with the media, some local governments and education departments help foster the fuss so they can brag about their performance. Worse, schools with quality education resources, in order to maintain their advantages, tend to be intentionally or unintentionally cooperative with the media when it comes to these reports.

China Press and Publishing Journal, July 2

Such hype kidnaps the interests of these top scorers, as they become the means for local governments to add gloss to their achievements and schools to enhance their reputation and competitive edge to attract quality students. Although public schools already have idle education resources, private schools have spared no effort in competing with them for the best students, further worsening the already unbalanced situation and wasting of resources. Therefore, systematic reform is needed to advance education and guarantee its genuine development., July 2

The unduly intensive coverage of the top scorers in the exam is a misrepresentation of education and runs counter to the essence of quality education. If scores are made the only standard to measure a student's quality, middle schools will only compete on the enrollment of their students to prestigious universities, undoubtedly leading education astray. Moreover, ordinary middle school students highly touted by the media tend to lose their way. Therefore, not only should the relevant departments call an end to such hype and promote a fairer education system, the whole of society should also join hands to create a better environment for the all-round healthy development of students., June 30

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