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Great father

By Gprincessdiary ( Updated: 2014-06-16 11:22

Father's Day puts me in mind of my father who is working faraway, which also touches off my hidden homesickness.

This is only photo of my family, and I will not get a chance to take a second one. The man on it is my father, he looks so robust at that time, however, father becomes very thin, even a little bony, but he still wants to work to save up for my expensive tuition fee.

I came from a famer’s family, from generation to generation, they tilled land to eke out a bare subsistence, and father is an honest impoverished peasant like my ancestors. Father has gone through untold hardships for me since I was born. He brought me up, sent me to school, gave me endless love all by himself.

Now, father is working hard as a migrant at the building site when he was already sixty three, he tried to make out that he was still in his fifties lest people should consider him too old to be much use. I had tried to talk him out of going out to Beijing many times, but he simply would not listen and left home carrying the luggage on his back.

"let me toil a few more years for my beloved daughter' s sake". That was what he said, which often makes me feel sentimental.

Father was a hardworking man. As far as I can remember, he would always get up before day break. It was his keeping early times that made me a good habit of getting up early in morning. The most prominent characteristic of father was simplicity, out of his straitened circumstances; father often went out his way to help out who were even more needy than himself. His frugal life advanced me not to compare with the higher and make ends meet. His diligence and frugality, his generosity and kindheartedness—all have set a good model in my life.

I owe father a debt of gratitude because he taught me how to be a perfect human being that I am going to work hard to get better and better. He also gave me a strong will as well as a strong inclination for learning so that I have been able to study untiringly.

Please forgive me for a blunt pen, I cannot express a debt of gratitude hidden in my mind, father is an ordinary person and one of the millions of laboring people, but, he is no ordinary and great man to me. What can I do to repay his debt of deep gratitude? I swear to work hard and make a better life for you. Please forgive me for stopping writing, it is time for me to give my dear father a call, so that I could give best wishes to him on this special day.

May all fathers have a happy and health Father’s Day!

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