From readers: China Q1 GDP numbers in focus

Updated: 2014-04-18 14:55 (chinadaily.com.cn)

Mike (UK)

Down to 7.3% annual growth, eh! Well that's nearly four times better than US figures and more than four times better than the best European growth!

I'm bemused at how western media portrays China as "The Workshop for the World", it's quite true of course, but by no means the complete picture.

Chinese factories manufacture goods for western companies who sell them as their own products, that is how western companies want it, it enhances profits.

From readers: China Q1 GDP numbers in focus

The internal Chinese (and Indian) market is vast and growing, there are hugely successful Chinese Companies producing goods only for the Chinese markets, Chinese automobile production exceeds that of Japan and the US combined, almost exclusively for Chinese home consumers.

It's not just cars, it's the same in every market sector you can think of, with Chinese companies having the home market as their priority, with India as an afterthought.

The west has in effect set the level for the import of Chinese goods, currently the US and western markets are not a priority for Chinese manufacturers, who has ever seen a Chinese car on western roads? Well you won`t, not at least until Chinese domestic demands are met.

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