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Continuity for harmony

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-11-15 08:09

In spite of all the attention on the leadership transition, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has focused on pressing ahead with what has proved effective in the nation's renewal.

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao's report to the congress presented an all-round review and summary of the fundamental nation-building guidelines the Party has established through decades of trial and error. And Wednesday's closing session emphasized continuity is the way forward.

The CPC's reaffirmation of its commitment to reform and opening-up, to which all the country's incredible achievements in the past 30-plus years are attributable, is of far-reaching significance for ensuring future development and a stronger nation.

And its acknowledgment that the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been a fundamental cause of the country's rejuvenation - as well as its reaffirmation that this will be the overall approach to promote economic, political, cultural, social and ecological progress - shows its confidence that it is going in the right direction.

Likewise, incorporating the concept of an ecological civilization - a logical outcome of a scientific perspective of development - into the new Constitution of the CPC shows there is a broad consensus on refining the country's development model within the Party.

The upgrading of the Scientific Outlook on Development into the ideological compass of the CPC's revised constitution is a hallmark of the ruling Party's learning curve and signals its growing maturity and self-confidence.

The unprecedented attention to the humanistic and environmental aspects of growth is evidence that the Scientific Outlook on Development, which calls for comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development, is gaining traction. This inspires hope in more equitable and harmonious future growth and will be conducive to honoring the promise raised in Hu's report to build a beautiful, fair and just China.

Faithfully implementing the principle of "one country, two systems" will enable the mainland, the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions to draw on each other's strengths for common development.

While the mainland's willingness to discuss the establishment of a cross-Straits military security confidence-building mechanism with Taiwan should be conducive to further advances in cross-Straits relations.

The ostensible lack of drama throughout the weeklong session may disappoint sensation seekers. But the confidence in continuity, instead of revolutionary ideas and dramatic approaches, means a better tomorrow is attainable.

(China Daily 11/15/2012 page9)

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