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Carbon emission controls could bring quality growth


China came up with policies on industrial improvements, energy saving, emissions reduction, and a better energy structure, in 2013.

Stopping the assaults against doctors


There have been reports of many cases of assault, insults, and even injuries to doctors recently across the country.

Risk analysis of real estate markets and suggestions


As China's real estate business balances supply and demand, the country needs to be cautious about blindly stimulating the market.

Exploit combustible ice and promote energy reform in China


China has been consuming coal as its main energy source, bringing about a series of negative repercussions.

Analysis of decreasing investment intention in the real economy


There are problems that cause decreasing investment intention in the real economy, such as the weakening domestic demand, declining overseas demand, rising production cost, high tax, and a low income from investment.

Removing major bottlenecks in China's innovation chain


The nation's innovation chain includes basic and applied research, testing, commercialization, and industrialization.

Monthly report on macro-economic situation (November 2013)


The economic growth for the fourth quarter will decline slightly, with the entire year's growth hitting 7.7 percent.

Monthly report on macro-economic situation (October 2013)


The macroscopic synchronized index in October has improved compared with September, with the DRC synchronized index continuing to rise but at a decreasing margin.