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Problems in putting grain in storage and policy suggestions (No 177, 2014)


China has a long-term method for the steady development of grain production, but getting the grain into storage after harvest faces bottlenecks that affect farmers' incomes and the country's food security.

Status and problems of China's credit guarantees and suggestions for its reform (No 176, 2014)


China's credit guarantee system was focused on commercial guarantee.

Explorations of rural community construction (No 175, 2014)


Rural community construction is quite common in rural development, but it is not an easy thing.

Straw burning: causes and countermeasures (No 174, 2014)


Straw burning has drawn widespread attention from the media and the public as it is likely to increase air pollution and aggravate smoggy weather in regional areas.

Explorations into managing local State-owned assets (No 173, 2014)


local authorities in different regions have made fruitful explorations into how to manage State-owned assets.

China's pawn industry: Status quo, challenges and policy suggestions (No 172, 2014)


Pawning is one of the most important financial services in China.

China's potential for increased productivity and prospects for economic growth (No 171, 2014)


Some scholars recently said that total factor productivity has made little contribution to China's rapid economic development and has played a less important role than it has in other East Asian economies.

State-owned assets operating agency's international experience (No 170, 2014)


Temasek, Norway Government Pension Fund Global and EDF Group are representatives of three types of State-owned assets operating institutions.