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The Development and Experience of the European Emerging Logistics Clusters (No 6, 2016)


Since the turn of the new century, there have been a series of new changes in the logistics clusters and industrial clusters in Europe.

Enterprises’ Innovation: Desire, Investment and Achievements (No.5,2016)


It is revealed through the “Questionnaire Survey on China’s Business Operators 2015” that against the backdrop of the slowdown of economic growth, business operators had made a number of achievements through innovation projects.

China’s 2030 Energy System Revolution: Connotations and Strategic Objectives (No.198,2015)


Since reform and opening-up, China’s energy industry has made several structural reforms like lifting price control on coal, separation of power production from power transmission, and regrouping of three major oil and gas companies.

US Natural Gas Policy: Evolvement and Enlightenments(No.2,2016)


Due to factors including surging oil price and US regulation on inter-state natural gas marketing price in 1970s, natural gas shortage occurred in US.

Focus on Industrial Transformation and Upgrade to Push ahead with Anxi County’s Tea Industry(Special Issue No.1.2016)


The One Belt and One Road Initiative embodies such development approaches as “peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit”.

Promote Technological Innovation and Enhance the Level of China's High-speed Railway Communication(Special Issues, No 72, 2015)


Railway is the backbone of the national integrated transport system and the major artery of the national economy, among which high-speed railway is the most dynamic and promising driver, and it plays a very significant role in national economy.

Comparison and Prospect of Various Wireless Communication Technologies and Options for Technical Roadmap(Special Issues, No 71, 2015)


Security, stability and high rate are the objective requirements of the high-speed wireless communication.