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Suggestions on Improving Social Relief and Assistance System during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period(Special Issue No 18, 2016)


During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, it is suggested that efforts should be made to improve the social relief and assistance system from the following aspects.

The Formation of China’s Social Relief and Assistance System and Its Characteristics(Special Issue No 16, 2016)


Since the 1990s, China has gradually formulated a social relief and assistance system underpinned by minimum living allowances and provisions to destitute people as well as special assistance schemes for medical care, education, housing and employment.

Ways for Addressing Financing Difficulties of Small and Micro-Enterprises: Reducing Information Asymmetry and Improving Professional Services(No. 53, 2016)


The primary cause of small and micro-enterprises’ financing difficulty is due to the fact that banks couldn’t get to know the effective information about their financial conditions, the actual controller status, as well as their production and sales conditions, leading to severe information asymmetry.

Proposals on Increasing the Effectiveness of Regional Innovation Policy(No.52, 2016)


With the transformation of China‘s economic development entering the state of new normal, people in various regions have taken "innovation" as the top issue in their daily work.

Retrospect of Chinese Monetary Policy Performance in 2015 and Prospect of 2016(No.51, 2016)


We should actively prevent and properly handle financial risks and keep money creation mechanism unhindered; relevant policies and supporting measures for reform need to be made to prevent further distortion of resource allocation structure caused by monetary policy.

Cope with the Challenge of SOEs’ Clause in TPP Agreement with the Principle of Competitive Neutrality(No.50, 2016)


Its core concept is not "competitive neutrality", but "competitive restriction" on SOEs to some extent.

The Development Trend of Global Innovation Pattern and Its Implications(No 48, 2016)


Great changes have taken place in global innovation pattern, which includes outstanding performances in different aspects.

Lay Equal Stress on Reform and Development of Steel Supply Side Restructuring(No. 47, 2016)


In the context of overcapacity, China’s steel industry faces two major problems: poor performance of steel companies, and intensified export trade frictions.