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Improving teacher ethics and discipline


Teacher ethics are a fundamental concern, but many problems have been appearing in primary and middle schools.

SOEs in OECD and emerging countries


SOE reforms have been increasing in China, and the development of SOEs around the world, especially in OECD and major emerging market countries, is a major concern.

Regional innovation ecosystem and its implications


An innovative ecosystem needs to be able to provide abundant resources for innovation and for starting a business.

Attracting and keeping the best teachers


The key to raising the level of education in China's primary and secondary schools is, simply, top-quality, devoted teachers.

US regional innovation system and its implications for China


In dealing with declining advantages in its traditional R&D and a decline in manufacturing, the US government has spent $1 billion on a manufacturing innovation network.

Developing characteristic education and China's cultural soft power


There has been a consensus on developing a characteristic education.

Suzhou's experience in promoting balanced development of compulsory education


Balanced education is the cornerstone of a harmonious society.

The influence of the third industrial revolution on the global automobile industry


The third industrial revolution characterized by the wide spread and use of advanced information and communication technology is springing up worldwide.