Parking by robot coming to Nanjing next month

By Cang Wei in Nanjing ( China Daily ) Updated: 2017-06-19 07:06:28

China's parking lot of tomorrow - a multistory garage that uses robot "valets" to take vehicles to empty spaces - will open in Nanjing next month, according to the technology company behind the project.

The facility, built as part of a new shopping mall near the city's Confucius Temple, covers 2,400 square meters and has 57 parking spaces and two robots.

Drivers will park on the first floor, and the robots - flat platforms on wheels - will transport the cars to the second floor using elevators, according to Yu Lei, general manager of the Jiangsu office of Shenzhen Yeefung Automation Technology Co, which developed the smart system.

Parking by robot coming to Nanjing next month

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