Summer squash makes flavorful 'pasta' dish

By Sara Moulton ( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-08-16 07:49:06

Summer squash reproduces so energetically that calling it prolific is understating the case. Still, why not take advantage of its bounty? Here I slice the squash into long ribbons and employ it as "pasta". Use a mandoline (be sure to use the guard that comes with it), although a Y-shaped peeler will also work. The resulting "pasta" is more flavorful and less caloric than pasta itself.

I coat the sliced squash with a creamy sauce based on low-fat cream cheese, sometimes called Neufchatel, which is lower in fat and calories than full-fat cream cheese and also lighter in texture. And it's one of the few dairy products that can be heated in a sauce without curdling in the process.

Summer squash is so tender and delicate that it's easily overcooked and turned into mush. The goal is to cook it so that it retains a bit of bite, just like pasta al dente.

Summer squash makes flavorful 'pasta' dish

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