Human Rights Watch in the wrong

( China Daily ) Updated: 2016-04-27 09:00:10

Human Rights Watch recently criticized Kenya's deportation to the Chinese mainland of 45 telecommunication fraud suspects from Taiwan and called for an end to what it said was the "illegal repatriation" of suspects to the mainland.

It remains unknown whether the New York-based organization realizes that Taiwan's judiciary recognized Kenya's repatriation of these fraud suspects to the mainland and it is mainly those "independence-minded" politicians and radical figures on the island that have made a fuss over the repatriation case.

Regardless of these facts, Human Rights Watch has shown its total disregard to the legal rights of the mainland's victims and the "territorial jurisdiction" principle of international law. By ignoring these and smearing the Chinese mainland, Human Rights Watch has proved it is speaking with the secessionist voices on the island.

Human Rights Watch in the wrong

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