Cuba agrees to 'dialogue' over fugitives in country

By Associated Press in Washington ( China Daily ) Updated: 2015-04-18 08:14:15

Cuba has agreed to work on resolving the cases of United States' fugitives on the island as part of the effort to normalize relations between the two nations, US President Barack Obama told lawmakers when he made the case for removing the former Cold War foe from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

In a message to Congress on Wednesday, Obama acknowledged that Cuba had provided housing, food ration books and medical care to some of the fugitives wanted by the US to stand trial or serve sentences on serious charges. However, he argued that Havana has been more cooperative with the United States in some recent cases, returning two fugitives in 2011 and two more in 2013.

"Cuba has agreed to enter into a law enforcement dialogue with the United States that will include discussions with the aim of resolving outstanding fugitive cases," Obama wrote.

Cuba agrees to 'dialogue' over fugitives in country

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