Australia embassies tired of trivial beefs

By Associated Press in Canberra, Australia ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-12-04 07:46:51

Australia's government is taking steps to curb Australian travelers' soaring expectations of what help they can get from their embassies, such as a loan to pay a prostitute in Thailand or assistance to evict a polecat from above a ceiling in the United States.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Wednesday announced new measures to underscore consular services as a last resort and to promote "a stronger culture of self-reliance and personal responsibility in the traveling public."

These measures include a new policy of providing minimal consular services to Australians who willfully, repeatedly or negligently get themselves into trouble. People who visit embassies and consulates will be given the new guidelines. Charging Australians for the consular help that they receive was also something the government is considering, she said.

Australia embassies tired of trivial beefs

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