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Beijing orders more toilets at major events

Updated: 2013-11-06 07:06
By Zheng Xin ( China Daily)

Beijing Marathon participants said the city government's order to provide more toilets during major events came too late to prevent well-publicized problems at this year's event, but the ruling is still "better late than never".

Responding to the glaring lack of portable toilets during the capital's 42.195-kilometer marathon this year - a situation that forced many of the 35,000-plus participants to urinate in public - the government has ordered organizers of big events to ensure they provide at least one temporary toilet for every 70 people.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment also emphasized the importance of providing directions to and signs for toilets and cleaning them up soon after the event ends. Any organizing committee failing to comply will face a fine.

Beijing orders more toilets at major events