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Websites ban sale of bear gall, shark fins

Updated: 2012-03-12 08:06
( China Daily)

In light of recent public outcries against the mistreatment of animals, and, two of the leading e-commerce sites in China, have banned the sale of bear gall, shark fin and other animal products that are obtained through questionable or cruel methods.

Jin Yuanying, a senior director with the department of social responsibility at Hangzhou-based Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, said that the two sites will stop selling these products to help protect the environment and in support of animal rights. "Change starts from us ourselves and consumers," he added.

Alibaba and have banned the sales of shark fin on its sites since 2009. In May 2010 Alibaba announced it would stop selling bear gall and any bear-related products. The group has gone on to place more stringent restrictions on the sales of animal products, particularly nationally protected animals.

Websites ban sale of bear gall, shark fins