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Geniuses 'should not be tolerated'
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-11-26 07:50

Geniuses 'should not be tolerated'

Comment on "Society must tolerate geniuses like MJ" on Page 8, Nov 17, China Daily

I do not completely agree with the letter Society must tolerate geniuses like MJ by Naomi. I think geniuses should not be "tolerated". If they are real geniuses, they are naturally admired by most of the "audience". And we should encourage everybody to praise and consequently educate the common man to imitate, at least, their moral qualities. Emulating their skills is only secondary.

Wasn't it Mao Zedong who spoke in favor of the "noble and pure spirit of men" like Norman Bethune (1890-1939), whatever the level of their skills and abilities?

Naomi, not courageous enough to sign with his/her real name, speaks about a man, the poor Michael Jackson, who was a victim of "normal" bad circumstances surrounding many international stars. He was abused by his father, exploited by his relatives, deceived by his agents, and he had no real friend. For that, he deserves allowances for his misadventures. But as far as criminal offences are concerned, this is a problem to be left to courts.

Ms Naomi herself confesses that she wasn't a fan of the poor MJ. Only his unfortunate death because of the dangerous medical treatment - daily surgical anesthesia - raised her curiosity about the "king of pop".

After that, Naomi speaks about the surprises and inspiration he "gave to us". If Naomi is not an old fan, it is very strange that she speaks on behalf of the public at large. Is she a famous art or culture critic? "In order to protect people like MJ", Naomi tells the public to be "extremely cautious not to abuse our hard won liberty".

Indeed, in today's China, liberty has been won by almost three decades of armed struggle, and 60 years of exploration in the field of human emancipation.

The liberty of opinion and speech now available in China doesn't justify at all the fact of Naomi having recourse to anonymity.


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