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Even the youth can achieve a lot
(China Daily)
Updated: 2009-06-25 07:19

We should set up a sound system of selecting and nurturing young leaders, which helps young talented officials to demonstrate their abilities, says an article on Xinhua Net. Excerpt:

The news of 29-year-old Zhou Senfeng being elected mayor of Yicheng in Hubei province has sparked a heated debate on the Internet.

But it is high time we created more opportunities for committed, efficient and bright young officials because we hope to see more young mayors like Zhou.

Normally, it takes a long time for officials to climb up the leadership ladder. In many cases, officials retire within a couple of years of being promoted to important posts. This is one of the reasons for the aging problem among government officials.

History shows many people have the capability to achieve extraordinary things at a young age. But we lack a favorable environment for younger people to shine in their fields.

That's why Zhou should be seen as an excellent example. We should applaud his commitment and encourage him to fulfill his duties.

We need to establish a sound selection and nurturing system for young talents, and pick more capable young officials.

(China Daily 06/25/2009 page9)