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Iran to continue hard-line policy, say experts
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Updated: 2009-06-15 07:40

Iran to continue hard-line policy, say experts

Iran will continue its hard-line policy toward Washington and go on with its nuclear project in President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's new term, despite good-will signals from the US, Chinese experts said.

"Iran sees the change of Washington's attitude as weakness following the failure of its hard-line policies. Iran's choice has won it great national interests and there seems to be no need to change," Ye Hailin, an expert on international studies with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), told Shenyang-based Liaoshen Evening News.

Besides, Ahmadinejad's tough words have earned him widespread support from domestic conservatives to grass-root people around the Middle East, Ye said.

The Iranian president is also likely to continue pushing forward its nuclear project, as the Obama administration has voiced support for Teheran's right of possessing nuclear power for peaceful aims, he said. "Iran will maximize the benefits from the US announcement."

Yin Gang, a senior scholar on Mideast studies with CASS, said Pyongyang's recent tough moves on the nuclear issue will more or less influence Iran's stance.

Ye Hailin said the current turmoil is unlikely to last long as "conservatives there are much stronger than reformists".

"Though we often reads news of social instability in Iran from Western media, actually voices calling form reform there are quite weak," he said.

However, former Chinese ambassador to Iran Hua Liming said the situation in Iran depends on the negotiation among major political powers. "Iran will get back to the normal tracks if they come to an agreement soon," Hua said. "But if not, the recent turmoil in Thailand will possibly be repeated."

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