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Updated: 2009-03-19 07:22

Nation marching along right path

Over the past 30 years China's leadership has very successfully embraced an open door policy, modernized the country with breathtaking speed and elevated China to be among the top three economies.

China in 2009 is the country that is watched, not only by its neighbors, but also by people all over the world. Some do it with envy, some are just curious, but most watch China because they look and wonder how it has accomplished an economic miracle.

China has proven that its development approach works.

Right now the world is in deep recession, some say depression, and many look to China to not only solve their own economic problems but also to give some inspiration or kick off a new round of prosperous economic growth.

Is this achievable? Can China be the motor of a resurging worldwide growth? In my opinion it can.

China has the leadership and the people to do so. It has self-confidence and trust in its own actions. The stimulus package for China's infrastructure growth and for further modernization of its economy, for bridging the gap between coastal provinces and western China and for more social security, is underway. And I have no doubt it'll work.

Being an optimist, I believe that indeed a seven to eight percent GDP growth is within reach for the year 2009.

China's leadership has also extended their hands to the island province of Taiwan. Unification will not be easy to accomplish but steady progress in cross-straits relations is a sign that both sides are on the right track.

China needs peace and prosperity to develop. It doesn't permit separatist forces on its territory. The Dalai Lama will not stop in his quest to disturb and embarrass China. Only a confident and peaceful China can succeed in repulsing his separatism.

I'm also pleased that China's leadership firmly believes that good relations with the US are important and must be cherished. I had some doubts about the Obama administration but now believe that there will be no negative change in Sino-US relations.

I trust that in 10 to 15 years China will be one of the world's leaders. Soon it will be the second strongest economy. This is inevitable. China, its government and its people are steering the right course.


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China not powerful enough to form G2

In the past two years, China was flattered by some people who have labelled the Sino-American relationship the G2 or Chimerica. Today people are beginning to believe that China enjoys an equal footing to America.

Though a growing China is expected to take more responsibility in the international community, its power is far from enough to co-sponsor a G2 to replace the G8. Such a self-righteous attitude would only give rise to misunderstandings and distrust and utlimately harm Sino-US relations.


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