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Updated: 2009-03-05 07:49

Chinese, Europeans should unite

As a German living in London and Shanghai, I welcome tighter trade relations but must stress my wish to put more pressure on political leaders who supported rioters in Lhasa and the Dalai Lama.

These politicians are not acting on the support of the people of the EU. Europeans and Chinese should build tighter relations in business and friendship.


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China to fight against protectionism

Comments on "Trade team heads to EU for big deals" (China Daily Website, Feb 24)

In this and many other ways, China is once again showing its sincere interest in open and fair international trade. Also, this move clearly shows and demonstrates that China is fighting against protectionism, which we can see is looming in some places of Europe.

North Light

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Abandon ideology for crisis' sake

It's a hard time for all nations. During this winter of economic depression, trade protectionism is widely active in almost all countries. Profit is the most important factor in all countries' diplomacy. Exports constitute the major GDP-pushing engine in China. Our economic structure is changing, but not so fast, and raising domestic demand needs time. At this time, countries should abandon some conflicts in ideology, because we need tighter cooperation. So France should know this. Of course, the Chinese leaders know it, too.

College student

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French arrogance no surprise

Comment on "Looted Chinese relics sold for 14 million euros each" (China Daily Website, Feb 26)

It's so unfortunate that the auction of those Chinese relics went on, despite efforts made by many Chinese to stop it.

Regrettable as it is, it highlights the fact that there's always a victor and a loser in war. If one has to ask the question why the French businessman insisted on going forward with the auction, one might suspect that he wanted nothing but a slap in the face of China. Arrogant and overbearing as a few French people are, they're always in search of pride and try to exploit an unfortunate situation as this to make a picture of themselves as being victorious in a war in which Chinese property was plundered and auctioned. This action does not contradict their history. I would've been surprised had they listened to the Chinese.

As usual

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