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Updated: 2009-02-18 07:43

Protectionism means suicide

Comment on "US stimulus plan may create trade barriers" (China Daily, Feb 16)

The United States urges citizens to "buy American" products only. It is absolutely against the "free market" slogan that has always been praised in their media.

However, protectionism in trade could mean committing suicide.

A China Daily reader

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Shameful clause

Comment on "'Buy American' meets formidable challenge" (China Daily website, Feb 16)

If China had passed, or simply considered a "buy Chinese" products only clause in its stimulus package, the Western media would likely accuse China of being irresponsible, not trustworthy or selfish.

However, there seems to be no such criticism from the Western press about the US "buy American" products only term, and they seem to forget the question: Who on earth was responsible for the current global financial crisis?

Tony TT

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Meaningless research

Comment on "Vitamin pills 'won't make you live longer'" (China Daily website, Feb 16)

This research is just another waste of time and money. Who has ever said taking multivitamins could make people live longer?

Multivitamins are just a way to help those who can't get the required daily amounts of vitamins from the correct diet, and they do help.

Some researchers spend time on meaningless research. One study says wine does harm to your health, and another says it is beneficial.

Anyway researchers need to find ways to consume their research fund, even if some researches are not practical.


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Parents are not school teachers

Comment on Chen Weihua's column "Different way of teaching acceptable" (China Daily website, Feb 14)

Nowadays the education system has been making parents frantic. My son is a middle school student.

When the winter holiday began, his teacher called a parents meeting, and asked all parents to ensure students finished their assignments.

The teacher emphasized that if a student could not finish his homework in time, his parents must go to school with their child and check the homework, no matter whether the parents have time or not.

I feel distraught about the teachers' demand. Parents are required to do the job that should be the teachers'.

Parents are required to correct the mistakes in children's homework, or the child would be punished. With so many curriculums, how can the parents be good at all these subjects?

And correcting mistakes is what the teachers should do. Why does a teacher transfer his/her own job to parents? It's absolutely unfair. But no parents dare to defy teachers.


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