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Updated: 2009-02-11 07:46

Don't allow vulgarity to thrive

Comment on "In defense of public 'vulgarity" (China Daily website, Feb 7)

Foreigners love Chinese "vulgar" culture, such as errenzhuan, xiangsheng, because in the West authentic folk culture hardly exists anymore.

"Vulgar" in the West refers to media-controlled celebrity peepshows with commercial intent: "Jennifer Aniston's questionable exes", "Lily Allen's Lucian Freud Lust", etc. Hewing an axe handle, the example is not far to find.

Chinese media had best guard against this kind of commercial vulgarity, while showing some more authentic folk "vulgarity".


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I think people should have the right to choose what entertainment they like. But promoting vulgarity in public, especially doing it in the presence of children, is too extreme. It will just teach impressionable people that acting in a low-class way is acceptable. Manners and good behavior are not genetically inherited; they need to be taught.

A nation becomes great when its citizens are hard-working and treat others with decency rather than indulge in porn or other vulgar things. I don't think it is right or accurate to label non-vulgar things as 'boring' because there are many ways to make one's life fulfilling without being vulgar, such as traveling, starting a hobby, doing charity work, etc.


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Huajixi, errenzhuan, drama, or Beijing Opera, all have been supported by their own audiences. The key point is whether it is your favorite, or whether you could have fun with it. But on the other hand, although we can let a hundred flowers bloom, we must be able to avoid letting those flowers which are toxic bloom. That's the responsibility of the florists. Commercialization is right, but the precondition is not to do harm to society. I have even watched an errenzhuan show in a famous restaurant; of course it was facetious.

But sometimes the players abused each other with indecent words; that's what most people cannot accept. There are so many children who have learnt this kind of indecent words, and often use them on their classmates or fellow students. I do think all such words must be filtered away.


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Importance of primary education

Comment on "Rural teachers' big dream of a small bridge" (China Daily website, Feb 5)

I was once a country school teacher. So your words impressed me deeply and made me think of the past days. As a Chinese citizen, I think everyone should devote himself or herself to primary education in the country. In my life, I will do all I can to help those poor children to get better education.


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