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Updated: 2009-02-10 07:50

We respect you, Premier Wen

Comment on "Wen urges 'top priority' for drought relief" (China Daily website, Feb 9)

I appreciate Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's action. He always appears in the place where people need him to seek confidence and help.

I firmly believe people in the drought-hit areas can finally overcome their troubles under the leadership of the Party and the government as people in the earthquake-hit areas did. Best wishes for them.


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Why go for Wall Street 'talents'?

omment on You Nuo's column "Stop chasing Wall Street 'talents'" (China Daily, Feb 2)

This was a great article, right on time. I agree that China should not waste resources or its citizen's taxes on subsidizing the careers of unemployed Wall Street workers.

And certainly, the Chinese financial system can do without much of their advice, as it has proved to be the path to nowhere.

Godfrey Alleyne

via e-mail

As an American I am too dismayed at the many articles I've seen saying that Asian countries -not just China - should take advantage of these Wall Street talents that need a job.

They need a job because they did such a poor job in their last one. Why would you hire anyone involved in the mess that happened to Wall Street?


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The "Wall Street syndrome" has hit China's corporate scenes even before China has absorbed the ex-Wall Street boys/girls.

Some local employees have all the reasons to feel anxious as to what will happen next when these Wall Street boys/girls enter the corporations in China.

Those bankers have already wasted US tax payers' money. Why should we encourage them to do the same in China?


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Unreasonable pay in time of crisis

Comment on "Hefty payout deals draw public anger" (China Daily, Feb 7)

Some Chinese like to justify their absurd practices, saying, "it's normal in the West or internationally, so why not do it in China". For them, to copy Western way of thinking is OK. But it can in fact do great harm because many of these practices are not proper in China's situation.


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One of the reasons why the US economy collapsed was the over-payments to financial management bosses. They have earned much more money than they should get. I hope China will not follow the American way of life. It will only lead to more social disparity and social unrest.


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Why can't many migrant workers get paid what they deserve? They actually make great contributions to the real economy.To be rich shouldn't be the only privilege of those brokers who gain by speculating.


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