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Updated: 2008-11-12 07:42

Dalai's claim unacceptable

Comment on "China refutes Dalai's so-called 'middle way'" (China Daily, Nov 10)

The Chinese people must act decisively and resolutely to crush any conspiracy the Dalai Lama hatches with his Western "friends" to split China.

Some Westerners do not want to see a rising power in the East, so they cooperate with the Dalai Lama in the guise of seeking a "Greater Tibet".


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The anti-China forces should stop pushing the Dalai Lama to act like a tyrant by putting absurd ideas into his head. Awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize was really ridiculous.

People can easily find evidence to dispel the myths surrounding the Dalai Lama. He is not just claiming autonomy for Tibet


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Encourage efficient public transport

Comment on "Beijing announces $34b traffic plan" (China Daily, Nov 11)

Cars in fact are inefficient, wasting a lot of resources. It is a pity that we followed the West down the same stupid lane. We really should discourage the use of private cars and encourage efficient public transport.


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Competition good for consumers

Comment on Hong Liang's column "Convenience stores adapt to change" (China Daily, Nov 11)

Seven-Eleven is indeed a tough competitor in Beijing. Their prices are not very high, they have a wide variety of local and imported goods as well as cold drinks, hot coffee, and usually a large area devoted to hot food. They are always busy.

But Seven-Eleven is not everywhere and their rate of expansion is rather slow.

Qmart on the other hand is perhaps going to be a more important player. Qmarts are clean and look nice. But they do not have a wide selection of imported or exotic goods. They do not keep their refrigerators running in the winter and they do not have hot food. Their prices are rather high actually.

Yet their rate of expansion is breathtaking. In the two years I have been in Beijing I have seen their numbers more than doubled and it seems they are at every corner near my apartment. Where they come they force other convenience stores to change to be like them.

I would say that Seven-Eleven is not in the same league. Qmart is the one to watch in Beijing. Once it has spread far and wide and beaten out all the small mom and pop stores or causes them to reinvest to become upscale then the battle between Seven-Eleven and Qmart can begin, again only for consumers' benefit.


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