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Updated: 2008-11-07 07:45

Democracy not of one kind

Comment on Victor Paul Borg's column "Analyze China on its own terms and merits" (China Daily, Oct 31)

It was such a treat to read the author's insightful and well-argued opinion piece. Too often, as a Westerner living in China, I too have been embarrassed by the unthinking attitude of Western journalists.

Borg writes of an obsession among foreign journalists with multi-party democracies. Well, having lived most of my life in a two-party democracy, which appears to be the norm in English-speaking countries, I can say that the two-party system is inherently undemocratic.

If the policies of the two parties are similar, then voters have no real choice, and if the policies are very different, nearly half of the electorate, those who voted for the losing side, are stuck with a government they loathe for at least three or four years. What's democratic about that?

As Borg writes, China is forging its own way concerning the political contract. It is a grand opportunity for China to become more open and accountable, without the deep flaws that have come to be tolerated in Western administrative systems.

Mary McClure

Australian living in Yangzhou

via e-mail

Expectations for US president-elect

Comment on "Democrat Barack Obama wins US presidency" (China Daily website, Nov 5)

I think Barack Obama is the same as most of black Americans, but he is also different because of being elected the next US president.

He has to bear responsibilities of dealing with the current financial fiasco, the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and so on.

The US citizens need the president-elect to lead them through the hard times. He is a hero the American people were waiting for.


on China Daily website

I think Obama, the first black American president who is of an African descent, will make a lot of contribution to help Africa's development.

At the same time, he will do something useful to promote the friendship between the American people and the Chinese people. It is in the common interest of the two peoples for the US to maintain the policy that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, which is good for a harmonious world.


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Obama's intelligence led to his success today. However, hard work is just a basic requirement. For a winner, there are too many factors. In fact, the current financial meltdown helped him a lot to win.


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