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Updated: 2008-10-31 07:47

Subprime an excuse for faults

Comment on "Double standards in West's rescue recipes" (China Daily, Oct 28)

The article is really outstanding. Since I am a Chinese Australian who has lived in Melbourne for over 20 years, the article speaks for me.

The so-called subprime is such a decorative word the US uses to cover its intolerable mistake, as it has done for so many other unethical wrongdoings.

The way the article compares the Asian financial crisis to the current global financial meltdown is really comprehensive and substantive.

With the power gradually transferring from the West to the East, let us make sure the Western countries cannot practice double standards anymore on the ASEAN countries.

Philip Cheng in Melbourne, Australia

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Farmers need better life

Comment on "The country on the reform road to rural areas" (China Daily, Oct 28)

I am a farmer from Guangdong province.

When I was young, my family left the village for a city for a better life. Later more and more people have followed us in the past 20 years, and fewer and fewer people choose to stay at our home village to take care of their land.

Compared with urban residents, we are often treated unequal. We have to pay extra charge, and face other discriminations. However, we cannot resist the attraction of better surroundings and better living standards.

We eagerly wish our government could do us a favor by changing the unhealthy situation for farmers.

A farmer

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Fact is brutal

Comment on Raymond Zhou's column "True story of police brutality" (China Daily, Oct 18)

If the police are corrupt, laws will have little meaning.

No matter how you look at this case the fact remains that a young man was beaten to death by a public servant sworn to protect lives.

Whether on duty or not the police have the responsibility to restrain and detain whenever humanly possible, not kill. This student was beaten to death. There is no excuse for this terrible thing. But people also should think about the reasons why police are provoked.


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Please leave Liu Xiang alone

Comment on "Liu Xiang may need psychological help - coach" (China Daily, Oct 29)

Liu's exit from the preliminary match has saddened so many people. And he was also nearly killed by some people's malicious words, which is just like throwing a person from heaven to hell.

Although he will recover from the injury with the help of famous doctors, it's still difficult for him to compete with the newly emerging hurdlers. We shouldn't expect too much of him, which will influence the celebrity's mood .


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