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Cross-Straits ties to remain good
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Updated: 2008-10-30 07:41

Cross-Straits ties to remain good

Comment on "Cross-Straits talks still on" (China Daily, October 28)

I strongly believe that the seeming obstacle posed by the attack on Zhang Mingqing will not hinder the cross-Straits relationship from developing firmly. I never think the talks will be suspended.

The newly-elected Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou has already realized and pointed out the fact that Taiwan is in urgent need of the mainland to facilitate economic growth, paving the way for a series of advantageous policies implemented recently.

As I see it, along with the wave of globalization, the demand for cross-Straits economic cooperation ought to dominant all other considerations. Otherwise, Taiwan will be reduced to the periphery of the world economy.

Apart from the economic point of view, we can also argue that this incident propels both sides to boost bilateral communication, since more exchange activities will be able to promote Taiwan people's understanding of the mainland. However, such an incident should never happen again.

Zhao Lihong, an employee at China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corp

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Consumers need food safety

Comment on "Melamine limits likely for animal feed" (China Daily, Oct 29)

Food safety is increasingly becoming a serious concern but what seems to be more worrisome is the fact that consumers don't actually know which foods are tainted with melamine until there is an outbreak of a melamine-related illness.

It would have been easier to label melamine amounts on food packages but now that melamine is already found in animal feeds and may be in feeds for fish and other animals, how shall consumers be sure of what they buy to consume?


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Cut unnecessary spending to save

Comment on Hong Liang's column "Government role decisive for recovery" (China Daily, Oct 27)

Stop worrying. The answers have all been worked out and will be implemented as and when required.

China is a little different because of its different economic model. In the West there are so many to blame that no one of significance gets punished - ever.

Unfortunately, today, no country can stand alone. We are all interconnected by our economies. It does not matter what cheap products China can produce if there are no other countries to buy them. China has problems.

What happens in the US affects us all because for many years the Americans have been financed by easy credit, and a "must-have" consumer culture. So what can we do? We can put our own house in order. Reduce our personal debt if we have any. Spend only on necessary goods. We should save as much as we can.

Ray Newton

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