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Updated: 2008-10-29 07:51

Enhance regulations

Comment on "Nation can cope with downturn" (China Daily, Oct 27)

China really needs to focus on its internal market if it doesn't want this global financial crisis to affect it too much. As an export-driven economy exporting to the most afflicted countries, a very large part of China's economy is exposed to the instability and could suffer great losses.

The meltdown is a good lesson to all countries. Deregulation, lax transparency and accountability have allowed the world's largest financial institutions to operate like criminals and to use the global economy as a private casino for ultra-rich private speculators. There has never been a better time to institute firm regulation and a Tobin tax than now. Discredited financial innovations like worthless derivatives should be avoided at all costs.

Stephan Larose

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My wonderful trip in China

Comment on Ravi S. Narasimhan's column "For a better picture, try more focus" (China Daily, Oct 17)

During my stay in Beijing for about two months, I observed and experienced the following.

As a common citizen from India, I could say in the first place that the people from China are very traditional. They are well disciplined, helpful, respectful and cooperative to each other, and also to foreigners. The Chinese dress neatly at all times.

The uniformed taxi drivers are always well-behaved. The "Beijing Taxi Book" is a very useful guide to get around the city easily.

Beijing is one of the best networked capital cities. The swiping system in place in public transport buses, for using public telephones and for paying taxi fares are shining examples and are time- saving and foolproof methods. Telephone exchanges are digital and connected to the National Internet Backbone. Public transport bus service is efficient and fares are low.

High skills coupled with architectural innovations and creativities achieved in various branches of engineering are visible in all the infrastructures built in this capital city and in its outskirts. The roads, high/express ways, flyovers, overbridges etc, are well maintained and beautified making these really a feast to the eyes. Driving on these is a great pleasure.

Public places are well kept and maintained with appreciable standard of cleanliness. The disabled are taken special care of everywhere including parks,

The rates of entry tickets to historical places, some of which are in heritage categories, to generate revenue to meet cost of maintenance are reasonable and affordable by the public.

The Bird's Nest which was the high-profile venue for the 2008 Olympic Games would remain a crowning glory of this capital city.

In the morning, it is quite heartening to see the aged people in groups singing and dancing or playing varied types of musical instruments or engaged in health-promoting physical exercises mainly in public parks. The songs sung everywhere are either devotional or patriotic.

The only problem I faced during my stay in Beijing was in communicating with people since only a microscopic number of the locals are able to understand and speak in English.

I am an Indian and I love and respect my country. I am also proud of India's achievement since it became free from British rule 61 years ago. I do not like politicians with selfish motives and people watching cricket matches on TV without doing any work.

I love China and its people, and cherish the wonderful stay I enjoyed in Beijing. I wish to visit China again.

Before concluding I would without any hesitation wish to say China, the homeland of Confucianism, is a magnificent country with glorious history and with all-round developments for many other developing countries to emulate.

R. Nambiar from India

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