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Updated: 2008-10-24 07:55

Debate on housing move

Comment on "Beijing cuts rates, taxes to boost housing" (China Daily website, Oct 23)

It's a wise move by the State Council. As residential property is one of the main contributors to domestic economy, its multiplying effects on the domestic demand of other related sectors including building materials and other service lines are tremendous.

Many people will benefit from a healthy development of the property market, but the present price level of houses should be within the affordability of buyers, especially first- time homemakers.

Policy implementation ought to ensure that price hike over the last five years is kept at bay, paving the way for a longer-term balanced development of residential property market and industry, reflecting the disposable income of workers, especially workers in the urban areas.

Developers should cooperate with the government for longer benefits of the people, especially the medium- and lower-income groups .

King Lee

on China Daily website

I don't think the housing prices have fallen too much. It is just good news for rich people, because those peoples can afford more than one house. In the end, they can rent their second house to people who cannot afford it.


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This is a good move. The Chinese government should not excessively tax its citizens. Citizens with low taxes will have more money to live well and to accomplish their dreams. The stronger the Chinese people, the stronger the Chinese government.


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Details important in job-seeking

It's the simple thing that matters. We can all pursue perfection, but the reality is that perfection seldom materializes. However, we can pay attention to small things to minimize our mistakes.

Whatever the event, there is no substitute for attention to every detail, no matter how insignificant some details may seem.

However, details are often neglected by individuals. Although we may have a good command of its definition, few of us take it seriously.

Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly can ever acquire the skill to do different things easily. In the course of dealing with details, a person can be stronger and sounder, achieving with great perfection and more depth.

The way to avoid great faults is to pay more attention to the small ones. The past is a source of knowledge, and the future is a source of hope. A mature reflection on the past and a noble pursuit towards the future may perfect us.

As for us senior students, it is quite necessary to be aware of the importance of details during an interview. Generally speaking, we cannot predict what would happen. However, the result may turn out satisfactory if we focus on the details during seeking jobs.

Learning the details by heart will help us. When we surf on the Internet or read books in the library, we could collect the related information about details step by step. In addition, getting into good habits is indispensable for us. Fulfilling everything perfectly is greatly determined by nurturing good habits.

Jin Danying, a student at Chongqing Technology and Business University

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Punish hooligans

Comment on "Attack will not derail cross-Straits dialogue, envoy says" (China Daily, Oct 23)

Taiwan local authorities should take this attack seriously. The authorities should prosecute the hooligans regardless whether it is a personal action or part of a political agenda.

Asian View

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