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Updated: 2008-10-23 07:43

Disgraceful hooligans

Comment on "Mob jostling of mainland scholar in Taiwan condemned" (China Daily website, Oct 22)

These hooligans are a disgrace for Taiwan. Is this the face of democracy and freedom of expressions?

What puzzles me most is how people in a civilized society can unleash such uncontrolled aggressions either in their localities or outside.

Do people in Taiwan want to be identified with such characteristics?


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Wearing furs not in fashion

It is not just the "Moscow fashion elite (who) feel the bite of financial turmoil", it is now worldwide. Our fur-bearing animals might hopefully not be trapped and suffer in these cruel traps.

The Western world however is a big step ahead, as luxury furs and wild furs in particular, have been experiencing a lack of interest from the public. Pelt prices have plummeted and fewer and fewer animals are being trapped. Trappers everywhere are hanging up their traps as more and more people learn about the terribly cruel trapping methods.

Unfortunately, our voices for the animals are not strong enough in some new emerging states including China, as their new wealth has suddenly given them the opportunity, at last, to buy these expensive furs. Not for warmth, as fur was purchased, but for fashion.

Fashion-conscious women who travel to America and Europe will soon see fewer people wearing furs. It is now considered pass and showing extreme wealth is no longer desirable.

We hope soon that more people in China will learn about this trapping cruelty, and then show their concern and compassion for these animals too.

George V. Clements, director of Fur-Bearer Defenders

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More concerns about crisis

Comment on "President Hu talks with Bush on telephone" (China Daily website, Oct 21)

China is still a poor, developing country with many people, especially the farmers, remaining poor. So how can poor people help the rich to tackle their financial problems?


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As a college student, I have paid more and more attention to the financial turmoil. I used to be careless about such things.

The government must take effective action to tackle such problems as soon as possible. We still feel confident of our country, but also hope this difficulty can be got rid of ultimately.


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